First Things First

$ 199.00
Blanket is a year-long journey for newlyweds designed to bring couples nose-to-nose, shoulder-to-shoulder, and heart-to-heart during their first year together. It gives couples all of the ingredients they need to build a successful marriage.


The Honeymoon box is all about starting, whether it's the strike of a match or putting pen to paper. Husband and wife will be challenged to cuddle up, slow down, and start The Honeymoon together.


Honeymoon includes:
  • Blanket big enough for two
  • Rainwater Farms Bath Salts
  • Rustic House Candle
  • Picture Frame
  • Secret “His” and “Her” cards


The Mini Moon box guides husband and wife to create a comfortable environment and ask some much needed questions. This experience will remind them to make time for each other and establish confidence in their marriage.

Mini-moon includes:

  • Gourmet Blueberry Scone Mix
  • Artisan Roasted Coffee by Velo Coffee Roasters
  • “His” and “Her” mugs
  • Two pairs of cozy socks
  • Picture Frame


The Traditions box arrives just in time for the newlywed couple's one-year anniversary. Husband and wife will be encouraged to paint the picture of a legacy for generations to come.

Traditions includes:

  • Genuine Leather Journal
  • Hand-crafted love notes
  • Picture Frame
  • Pillow Talk